Mira Showers Triathlon 2018 - Sandford Parks Lido - Cheltenham

This is the second time we volunteered for the annual Mira Showers Triathlon at Sandford Parks Lido in Cheltenham! But this time we made a small video montage as well. Luckily the weather was nice and warm and it was just the perfect day for a triathlon. 

It was quite a challenge as it was a solo job, meaning one of us had to do both photo and video. The main importance was to stay mobile and move quickly to capture all three elements of the event. In order to do this the equipment had to be minimal. Just a tripod for video and handheld for photo. It was a handful and a lot of running around but in the end we got some excellent results and met some great people too!

The video and some of the best shots we took:

The Bear Of Rodborough Wedding - Stroud: Matthew & Jiaxin

We were so pleased that Matthew and Jiaxin approached us to photograph their wedding. They were such a lovely and humble couple, it was a delight to see them so happy on their special day. We were stoked to find out that The Bear Of Rodborough was part of the Cotswold Inns chain as we previously filmed a wedding in the Bay Tree in Burford. The Bear has a similar cosy interior and rustic feel to it, so it's perfect for pictures. It is in a beautiful location on top of the hill near Stroud in Rodborough Common. The beautiful countryside hills made for an excellent backdrop.


Even though this was a February wedding, it seems we really caught a break with the weather as right after the ceremony it was almost like a summer day!

As you can see in the photos below, you would never have guessed that this was a few weeks before the Beast Of The East 'devastated' the country!


The Bear Of Rodborough - Stroud - Wedding Photography Videography
The Bear Of Rodborough - Stroud - Wedding Photography Videography

A bit of technical jargon!

This was the first wedding using our newest addition to the arsenal. The A7RII with the 24-70mm f2.8 G-Master lens! Comparing this to our previous full frame sensor camera (5D Mark III) it really blows most of the competition out of the water. Even though the A7RIII has recently been released, this camera really is still ahead of its time. With a whopping 42 Megapixels there is plenty of detail and room to crop without losing resolution. Though this is not the ideal wedding camera due to it's slower 5fps continuous shooting rate, that's where the a6500 shines with double the speed at 11 fps! However the A7RII still performs remarkably well, when you have some time to set up your shot, the high resolution is worth the lack of burst speed.

We also experimented with an 'off-camera flash' and high speed sync trigger, in the photo below on the left you can see the flash gun with diffuser disc in the shot! It really adds another dimension to the photo and gives it a really unique look, rather than the usual head on 'on-camera flash'. On the right is one of the final images, of course the flash gun had to be cropped out because you don't want any equipment in the shot!

The Bear Of Rodborough A7RII Godox

Here are some of our favourite shots of the day:

Fitness promo videos are the best 👌🏼🎬

We alway enjoy working with local personal trainers and gyms!. But of all video work, fitness is probably the most exciting. Plenty of action going on and you can get creative with camera angles! Here is a short clip from a video for Brendan Halliday Bootcamp (www.bhpersonaltraining.com)

filmed at Ribston Hall High School in Gloucester

full video: https://youtu.be/bI-qW5qKOrY 


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Found the original Trioplan 100mm 2.8... and more!

Went on a little road trip to Wales today to have a look at some super rare vintage lenses that I found on Facebook Marketplace. You might call me crazy for going on a 4 hour round trip to buy some boring dusty lenses but it was all worth it in the end! A very friendly retired farmer had a vintage Exakta VX1000 for sale with 4 lenses, one of which I was looking for, the Meyer Optik Trioplan 100mm f2.8. I only found out about this lens yesterday after coming across a post on Facebook about photographers who adapt old glass to modern cameras. This particular lens (first manufactured in 1916) has a remarkable 'Bokeh' effect that resembles bubbles. Bokeh is a Japanese term that means 'blur quality', these are the beautiful circles that appear when light is out of focus. The company who manufactures this lens has resumed the production after a crowd-funding campaign raised a massive amount of money due to the high demand. Looking forward to experiment more soon with both photo and video using these vintage lenses.

Camera: Sony A6500

Lenses: Trioplan 100mm 2.8, Meyer 200mm f4, Meyer Lydith 30mm f3.5, Meyer 50mm 2.8